Aesthete Equipment Co.

The Aesthete Equipment Company, LLC is a private, artist-owned company that provides infrastructure and support services to practicing artists who exhibit exceptional competency and aesthetic aptitude. Perhaps counterintuitively, our name is quite literal; we equip aesthetes.

Our first project is called HOIST, and it is a photographic studio in Northern Virginia (Washington DC metro area) that supports the work of artists and creative professionals. HOIST is nearly 2500 square feet of space with an un-obstructed 70-foot by 35-foot shooting area, 14-foot ceilings, and a drive-in entrance. Although primarily a working studio, HOIST will also host gallery events, salons, classes, and community outreach. It is currently open and operating, but our official launch is scheduled for early 2014.

Please visit the HOIST website at for more information!

Due to the immediate near-term effort of launching HOIST, the completion of this website is temporarily on hold. Please be patient, and check back in early 2014.

In the meantime, you can contact us by email to Thanks!